Monday, March 23, 2015

New in Contemporary Poetry!

Among the 90,000 or so books on the shelves of our library are hundreds of volumes of poetry. You can find thousands more in our online collection (did you know you could search Humanities Source and Literature Online for poems?). But the majority of this work was written before any of us were even born. We've all been reading Keats and Poe and Whitman and Ginsberg for years, but what kind of poetry is being written right now? Where is the poetry that speaks to our modern life experiences?

Last month, with the help of English professor Dr. Timothy O'Keefe, the Library began a collection development project to strengthen our holdings in contemporary poetry. Most of these books have trickled in over the last few weeks and they're now ready to hit the shelves. Click the image below to browse the collection at our Goodreads page:

 Piedmont College Library's Newest Poetry Books

As always, please send any personal requests or suggestions to The more, the better!