Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Libraries Are Not a Netflix for Books

Part of a commentary by librarian Kelly Jensen:
"It is not the goal of the library to make money. Nor is it the goal of the library to create levels of service so that those who can afford to indulge will receive more while those who can’t, don’t. Instead, libraries work to ensure their services reach as many facets of their community as possible. Libraries want to offer what they can to those who have nothing and those who maybe have everything."
Read the rest at BookRiot.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Why Students Need Librarians

"We recognize knowledge in action when we see it done effectively, but too many professors don’t teach this fundamental skill systematically and progressively as part of an academic program. . . . [F]rom community colleges to the Ivy League, a significant learning gap is widening. Librarians, trained in both digital and print research techniques, are in the best position to step into the breach. But that will require more support for library services at a time when budgets are under siege. And it will take an administrative commitment to ensure that training is incorporated comprehensively throughout the curricula."

Read the rest of "At Sea in a Deluge of Data" (, July 7, 2014).